Pre-inked Stamps

Customisable Pre-Inked Stamps from Mr Rubber Stamps: Convenient, Efficient, and Fun!

If you’re looking for an easy way to add professionalism or increase awareness of your brand, pre-inked stamps from Mr Rubber Stamps simply can’t be beaten.

Wide Selection, Fully Customisable 

Our pre-inked stamps come in several different colours – black, red, green, blue, and violet. They’re also available in a broad range of sizes to fit your needs. 

Our customisation options allow you to design your stamp and see the results in real time, from adding your custom text line by line and adjusting placement to incorporating your logo or another original image. 

With pre-inked stamps, you don’t have to bother with keeping track of a separate ink pad – you get a smudge-free impression every time with our high-quality inks. They’re also refillable! Check out our customisation options today to perfect your custom stamp and start using it ASAP!