Rubber stamps have evolved immensely over the years and are still a vital part of businesses today. Leaving your business’ impression is crucial and helps to define your brand image. In previous years, stamping your business details became quite a time consuming and messy task. Thankfully there are now self-inking, customisable, rubber stamps available to make your life easier. 


Self-inking stamps do not require a separate ink pad and stamp, it is all compact in one stamp, unlike traditional rubber stamps, where you would need to purchase both the stamp and ink pad. The inking pad is found inside the stamp and is designed to create a much faster and cleaner approach to stamping impressions.  With the additional benefit of customization, you can add your business details including name, address, phone number and even logo, to further personalise your brand. Self-inking stamps are available in a number of shapes and sizes, with the additional benefit of the rubber inside the stamp, you can ensure you never get any ink on yourself.  They are made from durable materials and contain an ink cartridge inside. Used for a number of purposes, self-inking, customizable stamps can assist your business with authenticating or branding documents, sharing information, liaising documents or simply just for decorating. Whatever your use, self-inking stamps are sure to greatly assist you with all your administrative tasks. 


A breakthrough invention in the stamping world, self-inking stamps almost do all the work themselves. The inking pad is fit inside the stamp and all you simply do is press down on the area you would like to leave your impression and it’s done! Each time you lift your stamp up off your surface, it automatically re-inks itself. Most stamps will last thousands of impressions before they need to be re-inked. This ensures that you have a perfectly printed stamp, which is clear and visible to read each time.  Self-inking customisable stamps are especially ideal for those who must stamp high volumes of documents within constricted time frames. They offer a fast and mess-free alternative to traditional stamping methods. 


Self-inking stamps have a number of benefits and really do make life easier in the workplace. They are;

  • the most convenient of all stamp types
  • very simple and straightforward to use
  • require minimal re-inking (can be used thousands of times before requiring ink top up)
  • a major time saver in office environment 
  • able to easily stamp surfaces in a second
  • made from strong sturdy materials and the stamp itself will last a lifetime
  • suitable for be used on a number of surfaces from paper to plastic and even wood
  • available in a large variety of shapes and sizes
  • cheap to re-ink 
  • perfect to personalize documents with your logo and branding 
  • compact, leaving your desk neat and clutter-free

With the added benefit of customisation, self-inking stamps truly are one of those essential items your business needs. Personal branding is so important when it comes to promoting your business and one of the easiest ways to do this is by using a customized, rubber stamp. With the evolution of technology, you can add your personal touch within seconds. If you’re in need of a customised, self-inking stamp, give us a call at Mr Rubber Stamps, your stamp experts!