Self-inking and pre-inked rubber stamps are among some of the best products available to purchase within the stamping market. They are an essential item for all businesses and serve many purposes. With such a vast amount of styles and brands of stamps available, it can be quite a difficult task to choose a stamp which will best suit your needs.  Being experts in the stamping industry, we’ve decided to make the job easier and compare the two most popular types of stamps on the market. 


A self-inking stamp is essentially a rubber stamp with an inbuilt inking pad and springs so when you apply pressure to the stamp, you are left with a bold, clean impression. Self-inking rubber stamps are ideal for fast-paced environments which require high volumes of documents to be stamped. They are easy to use and leave solid, neat impressions. Self-inking stamps are made from water-based ink, are available in a variety of shapes and colours, and will provide you with thousands of good quality impressions. Self-inking stamps are easily refillable and cost efficient. If you do have a limited budget, self-inking stamps are ideal and will assist you throughout your daily office duties. 


If you are seeking the highest quality stamp, pre-inked rubber stamps should be your top choice. Whilst they are slightly more expensive than self-inking stamps, pre-inked stamps will leave top quality impressions time and time again. Pre-inked stamps are made with a pre-inked cartridge and uses oil-based ink, which is ideal for stamping finer details including company logos, signatures or notary seals. They are virtually silent and require very minimal pressure in order to leave an impression which is ideal for quiet workspaces. The quality of the impression made from a pre-inked stamp is clearer as the ink has been infused into the rubber element of the stamp. Pre-inked stamps will last up to 50,000 impressions before they require re-inking. A stamp cap is also included to avoid the ink drying up. 


Two of the most reputable self-inking and pre-inked stamping brands in the industry are Trodat and Colop. Trodat is recognised for being the innovators in stamp productions and has been in the stamp industry since 1912. For over 100 years, Trodat has progressed with time and continuously reinvented their stamps to suit the needs of their market. Based in Austria, Trodat supplies to over 150 countries worldwide. Also based in Wels, Austria, Colop is one of the leading stamp manufacturers in the world and supplies stamps to businesses across the globe. They are recognised for their high quality, superior standard of production. Both brands are nonetheless highly regarded for creating efficient, high grade, self-inking and pre-inked rubber stamps. 

No matter what your needs or requirements are, owning either a self-inking or pre-inked rubber stamp will bring forth a number of benefits and are a worthwhile purchase, which will last you a lifetime.  The main points to take away is the difference in price, quality of impression and time between re-inking. At Mr Rubber Stamps, we offer a wide range of both self-inking and pre-inked rubber stamps from both Trodat and Colap manufacturers. Our stamps are available in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours. We can also customise your stamps to suit your every need. If you’re still unsure which stamp to choose, call our expert team on 07 3399 7984 and we will gladly assist.